Northern Cyprus is called the "Beaches Paradise". Kyrenia,Famagusta and Karpaz have long sandy beaches.The Golden Beach in Karpaz is the most famous and it is highly recommended.

Let's start with Kyrenia.The Escape and Club Acapulco are known as two of the top beaches boasting superb entertainment clubs as well.You can also expect a high standard of restaurants from this area too.

The Golden Beach in Karpaz is famous for the Turtles that breed there. It is largely undeveloped, and you are likely to see the Wild Donkeys that roam free there too.

Cyprus cannot be matched for its huge variety of walks - whether it be along the beautiful unspoilt beaches or through the stunning heights of the mountains, there is something for everyone.

For one of the best, go to St.Hilarion Castle, park your car in the car park then start walking to the west, taking in every breathtaking view of stunning Kyrenia and its harbour.

Windsurfing; Can you imagine an island without windsurfing? Of course not. You don't even have to bring all your own equipment with you because North Cyprus Windsurfing Club can hire all you need at a low rate.The club is located just nearby, at Escape Beach. Whether you are a beginner or professional, there is a course for everyone.


Skiing in the morning, swimming in the afternoon! This tempting and, on the face of it, surprising prospect, is possible in Cyprus.

This Mediterranean island with its 340 or so days of sunshine every year will not seem the obvious destination for a skiing holiday , but on the uppermost slopes of the Troodos Mountains {1,952m (6,400ft)it is possible. Click Here

Although it may involve a fair amount of driving from the north of Cyprus to the west, (about an hour and a half) it is definitely worth it! The season on Mount Olympus lasts from January to March, (December to April in a good year).

This is just a taster of the activities open to you in North Cyprus. The paragliding, mountain biking and scuba diving are also worth mentioning,

Golf features highly also with a brand new 18-hole course built in 2006 in Esentepe.10 minutes east of Kyrenia. Click Here

And for those of us who want a holiday of the more relaxing kind, the cultural activities too are endless.

Why not visit the many castles and abbeys, catch up with the amazing wildlife, or just sit and admire the wonders of this beautiful Island and enjoy.


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