About Us

My name is Joe Evans, and I own a construction company based in Surrey. I regularly receive phone calls about the 'next property hotspot' and this particular phone call was no different - I fended them off with my usual 'send me some literature' and thought no more about it.

Sure enough, the literature arrived, and sat on my desk amongst all the others, and I took no notice until one of their agents called me to see what I thought. I flicked through these villas and yes, they were stunning, but I knew absolutely nothing about North Cyprus, so I decided it wouldn't hurt to check it out.

The agent booked me onto a flight out to Cyprus two weeks later. I was greeted at the airport and chauffered to a stunning five star hotel.

The next morning I was picked up and driven to the first phase of villas which were just being finished. The area was absolutely stunning,

Escape beach to one side, mountains to the other - it took my breath away, I have never seen such a beautiful place.

The villas were fantastic - finished to the highest of standards. I was then taken to meet a couple who had moved into their villa that year. It was to be a holiday home, but they loved it so much they decided to live there! I was shown some plots, plus apartments - it was like a whirlwind, but this beautiful country had me hooked, and I knew that this was going to be the place for me to invest in.

After being shown around more of this stunning country I signed up for two villas on the exclusive Ocean Drive estate. We are keeping one for rental, and the other villa was Sold

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